The Beauty of Penmanship

Writing anything by hand is becoming a lost medium of communication. In the age of email, and even more, texting and twitter, penmanship has become an inconsequential frivolity. However, the beauty that can be expressed by penning something in your own handwriting can never be replicated by the cold emotionlessness of print – and the […]

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Pin Head

The lapel of a coat, whether it be top or suit is a terrible thing to waste. If you are in a particularly presidential or maybe a patriotic mood, a flag pin will suffice, but this is one place where being a (restrained) dandy can really work. You can really add some personality. For as […]

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The 13 Ounce Blues 

I have said this before: I love denim. Of all things in the menswear sphere, nothing is quite as American or as global as blue denim. Every time I put on a pair, I feel as if I am traveling the world in some way. With a resurgence in demand for authentic indigo dyed selvage […]

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Rain, Rain, Feel Free to Stay!

I love rain. There’s nothing quite like that first pitter patter of raindrops in spring to make me feel like the long, cold winter is finally behind me. It makes me want to get out of my hibernatory cave and finally go outside, makes me feel brand new, and makes me… really re-evaluate what to […]

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Backpacking America

Backpacks are practical. They free up your arms, and generally make life just a tad easier. Yet, most backpacks that I see (save those from Filson and a few other heritage brands) seem unsuitable after high school, or at most college. I bike a lot, including to work, which makes a backpack an absolute necessity […]

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Feelin’ the Blues

I was born and raised in Pakistan. Born in Lahore (a city of culture) and raised in Islamabad (a city of beauty and completely misrepresented by Homeland). Growing up with , I had my fair share of exposure to American culture, and perhaps standing ten thousand miles away really put some bits of Americana on […]

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