The Wear Easy is an attempt at an appraisal of apparel, by clothing enthusiast Abbas Zaidi and photographer Maggie Wu.  The clothing industry is an ever evolving organism, that intrigues and puzzles in equal measure. Right at the instant when you are ready to find comfort in that new jacket, or new swim suit, something newer  and trendier catches your eye. We shop a lot and the feeling of desire for the newer new, often enters the picture so we try to get some perspective: is this a good investment or pure whimsy? Our goal is to offer you that humble perspective on some of the best articles of clothing on the market to help you decide whether all that glitters really is gold.

Photographer – Maggie Wu
Abbas Zaidi - Reviewer, Lover of Clothes, Statistician
Reviewer – Abbas Zaidi

As of June 2015, we are happy to announce the addition of a new writer to our website. Silvia Manolache has been kind enough to spare a thought or two on her top picks on what constitutes a well put together wardrobe. I hope our readers can enjoy reading her posts (coming soon) as much as we do.

Reviewer - Silvia Manolache
Reviewer – Silvia Manolache

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